June 11, 2016

Cleaning Out the Wardrobe

shirt - chicwish (buy here)
pants - second hand
loafers - l'carvari (buy here)
bag - boorbon (buy here)
sunglasses - zerouv (buy here)
np: nbsplv – gravity

Recently I've decided to weed out my closet, as I thought I had way too much stuff there! There were piles of clothes that I barely wore. And you know what? It was one of the best decisions I've done in these latter days!
Let's be honest - even if you have lots of different pieces in your closet, you are wearing only a half of them (at the best) or maybe just the third part of it. Do you agree you need to clean out your wardrobe too?:)
Take out everything from your closet and just have a look. Maybe there are some pieces you want to throw away immediately?:) If you have some damaged clothes (torn, stained, worn out, etc.) - chuck them out without a peep! Don't let yourself wear them even at home. You're better than this, believe me.
Next step - pieces that don't fit you. If some clothes are oversized but still look good on you, then it's ok. But if they are too small or don't look flattering - well, I guess you know what to do:) 
Now it's time to review all the pieces you haven't been wearing during the last year. Chances are you'll never wear them again. Make an exception only for some basic things that are timeless, like some black/white tops, pants, etc (on condition they look good and fit you). 

Having in your wardrobe only things you really need will save your time, trust me! You'll spend less time in front of the open door of your closet every day. Sounds great, doesn't it? Don't dally off, just do it!

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


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