January 18, 2016

Problems of Being Tall

sweatshirt - dresslink (buy here)
dress - ever-pretty (buy here)
boots - zara
np: Kaleo – Way Down We Go

Well, actually, I never considered me to be tall. My height is 175cm and I always thought I was of an average height, nothing special. As long as I remember myself I want to be taller - my height is simply not enough for me:)
But recently I've had problems connected with it - almost all the skirts and dresses I've received are short for me. You can't even imagine how sad I am when it happens - I am choosing a skirt for an hour among all the variants on some site, then I am waiting for it for almost a month, then finally it arrives and BAM! congrats, it's short. D'oh! (it should be said with Homer's intonation)
And it happened not once in my life. And not even twice.
Then I began to think: "Omg, what's wrong? Am I really tall?" Nooo, that can't be true:D
But then again - I got this beautiful dress from ever-pretty.com and it's short. I like the quality, the material, the design of it. But not the length, unfortunately. Poor me and all the people higher than 175cm!:D

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak:)
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


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  2. Yes, it's really a pity when you find the perfect piece and then you realise it doesn't fit well, I fully understand you ; )
    I like a lot the dress and the way you combined it, really nice : )