January 15, 2016

Apple Tea

red sweater - dressin (buy here)
coat - oksana pravnyk atelier (buy here)
hat - sunny onion (buy here)
skirt - shein (it's out of stock, you can find some similar skirts here)
bag - marimir (buy here)
boots - zara
np: Tenfold Rabbit – Oblivion

Hey, spring, where are you? Yesterday I thought about my favorite striped tops, biker jackets, naked ankles and all those perfect things we have in spring. Yesterday I understood how much I want spring already:) And yes, I know that it's only the middle of winter now and it's too early for such thoughts. But what can I do? 
Are you with me here? Are you waiting for spring too?:)
Although if to think about my wardrobe maybe it's good that it's still cold - I still have some sweaters to show you:) Sweaters with Christmas greetings and deer, haha. I guess it's better to do it now than in spring. They definitely won't wait till next year:D
Wish you to have a great weekend!:)

Thanks for the photos to Alyona Lobanova<3
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. So pretty, as always! : ) Perfect outfit for winter! And the places you present are really amazing, next time I come to Kiev, I should ask you for the best places to visit ; )