March 8, 2015

Coat Weather

Coat weather is just perfect weather, don't you agree? As a person who doesn't like summer and high temperature outside, I can't ask for more.
I had been dreaming about this coat for a long time before I bought it (it was on sale, of course!:D). And as it usually happens, now I want to wear it practically every day. That's why I'm afraid that hot weather will come to us too soon. Who wants to perform with me some weather-changing ritual dances?:D
Anyway, my perfect ripped jeans from this post are back! As well as the yellow crop sweater from this and this posts. You know already that I'm not an I-can-wear-it-only-once person. Definitely not:D Are you?:)

Thanks for the photos to my wonderful Alyona Lobanova!<3
hat - pull&bear
sunglasses - pull&bear
coat - pull&bear
crop sweater - zara
ripped jeans - wellbinder (buy here)
bag - second hand
shoes - house

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3