August 8, 2014

Summer confessions

For some people it would be definitely strange to hear, but I don't like summer. Sometimes it even seems to me that I hate summer. I don't like traditional summer rest, like lying on the beach, swimming in the sea (cannot even swim, actually:D), I don't like hot weather and so on and so forth. That is why I try to ignore summer as much as I can, even in my outfits:) 
Mom jeans, autumn boots, and not-very-summer top - that's how I spent one summer day

top - second hand
mom jeans - second hand
boots - shellys london
bag - new look
necklace - house


  1. Отличный пост.))
    Я наградила тебя премией Liebster Blog Award в своем блоге:
    Заходи, буду рада тебя видеть ^ ^

  2. Потрясающе! Очень красиво!