August 18, 2014

Black and Red

Hey there!:) I hope you are having some nice time this summer:) As I told before, I don't like summer, and one of the reasons for this is the fact, that I don't have holidays anymore. When I was in school or university summer was always associated with free time and doing nothing. Now, after finishing my university, I don't have this reason to love summer. I'm looking forward to the 1st of September, as for the last 15 years it will be the fisrt time when I don't need to go to my studyings. Another reason to love autumn:)
As for the outfit, I combined black 7/8 length cropped pants, red top with some mesh, one of my favorite pairs of shoes and golden details. 

Thanks for the photo to Alyona Lobanova

top - second hand
pants - second hand
bag - no name
shoes - mellow yellow
necklace - accessorize

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia


  1. тоже радуюсь, что больше не нужно учиться с 1 сентября)

    1. поздравляю, это действительно радостно))