October 13, 2017

Autumn Outfit with a Black Coat

black coat - via le boutique
bag - wool berry 
boots - zara
np: O.Torvald - В подушках

Do you know the feeling when you meet a person and then you can't live without him or her anymore? You simply can't understand how on earth you had been living all the time before this meeting. I have exactly the same feelings for this coat:) How could I live without a black coat in my wardrobe? I always felt that I was lacking some black outerwear and finally I've got it. Finally!:)
I found it via Le Boutique site and couldn't be any happier. I've already told you about this site - it gives you an amazing opportunity to buy things with a great discount. New offers with up to 90% appear every day there and last only for 2-3 days, that's why I highly recommend you to check this site once in a while, as you never know when you'll meet your dream there;) Apart from this, they have a nice return policy in case the things didn't fit you, so it's a great variant of shopping without going out of home.
For me, it has always been a perfect place for buying sneakers - I've got already two pairs from this site. Frankly speaking, this time I also checked all the offers with sneakers, but then I thought it was time for some change. All the rest you already know - I found my new love on Le Boutique site. 

Thanks for the photos to Ksenia Homenko :) 
 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3