May 30, 2017

Contrast Play

t-shirt - rosegal (buy here)
pants - marsee's (buy here)
blazer - l'eskizzo (buy here)
sneakers - nike (via le boutique)
np: Бумбокс - Наодинці

I guess one of the best ways to create an interesting outfit is playing with contrast. Imagine you've composed some outfit and now you're thinking about the shoes to add. It would be logical to choose the most appropriate pair, right? The one that matches the style or the color of the outfit. But our task here is to act differently - choose the shoes, that don't come into your mind immediately. Let's look at my outfit for example - with such a blazer and pants probably it would be suitable to wear loafers or brogues, but I decided to add sneakers. If you think that "this cute little bag works the best for this outfit" - choose a big backpack, haha:) "Oh, these heels would look perfectly with this dress" - choose masculine flats, and so on. Do you understand this logic? Or, rather the absence of logic?:) 
By the way, the Nike sneakers you can see in this post I ordered via LeBoutique site again, as my previous pair of sneakers was also from this site. As you remember, this site offers you a great discount on some pieces and that price lasts only for a few days. So I can recommend you to check this site from time to time, and you'll definitely find some amazing offer! The delivery again was quicker than I expected (and as usual, after getting these sneakers I can't take them off, haha:)

Thanks for the photos to Alyona Lobanova<3
 Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. YES! So good!


  2. Shtanishki ok - ostalnoe mozhno porabotat :)