April 25, 2016

How to Wear Lace-Up Flats

t-shirt - heyday (buy here, I ordered size M)
ripped skinny jeans - shein (buy here, I ordered size L)
sunglasses - zerouv (buy here)
bag - coccinelle (buy here)
lace-up flats - topshop (similar here and here)
np: Laura Marling – What He Wrote (Sonik Remix)

Oh, I'd been dreaming about my pair of lace-up flats for a long time before I bought them! I constantly saw them on different bloggers and in many instagram shots, but couldn't find my perfect pair.Finally one day I saw these babies in Topshop with a big discount. I tried them on and understood it was nothing but destiny! Ridiculously small prize, my size, amazing minimalistic design. I bought them in the middle of January and since that moment couldn't stop dreaming about wearing them. Not all the people like how they look, but I think they are gorgeous!
What is great about them is that you can wear a very simple outfit - lace-up flats will do everything for you! So, what are possible outfits with lace-up flats? Wear them with ripped jeans and biker jacket/ a dress and a bomber jacket/ a jumpsuit/ a white shirt and boyfriend jeans/ a midi skirt and a t-shirt/ total black outfit/ striped top and mom jeans and million of other combinations. The simpler, the better:) 
p.s. Don't wear them on the beach like I did - after the walk they were all full of sand. Oops:) 

Thanks for the photos to Anna Pogribnyak<3
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Nice:) xx

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  3. I love this kind of shoes : ) They are so feminine and chic! ; ) Nice outfit! : )
    On my blog this week, summery look:

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