November 15, 2015

Coming back

coat - shein (buy here, I ordered size L)
jeans - shein (buy here)
hat - sunny onion (buy here)
belt bag - mari mir (buy here)
sweater - second hand
boots - bershka

np: Halsey – Gasoline

My last post in the blog was 10 days ago. Oh, my. I hope at least someone was missing me, hehe:) But I'm here again, ready to share my posts with you:) And here it is - my new and one of my favorite posts so far. I love it for many reasons. First - my new super oversized beanie from Sunny Onion! I am a big fan of such beanies and I was extremely happy to find out that my friend Olesia knits them:) Aren't they just perfect?
Second reason - my new gray coat from I love it so much that I don't want to take it off, that's why my next post will be with this coat again, I know it already:D It's super soft and I like its lentgh. Long outerwear is something that I truly love.
And last but not least - beautiful photos by talented Anna Litichenko. It was our first meeting ever but somehow she felt what I needed and created perfect for me photos<3
I was missing for some time, but I am happy to be back with the post I really love.

Many thanks for the photos to Anna Litichenko!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


  1. Replies
    1. Спасибо, Рита!
      мне шапка самой очень нравится:)

  2. Конечно же, мы соскучились! Вдохновляюсь твоими фото каждый раз)

    Welcome to my blog -

    1. Это невероятно приятно, спасибо!)

  3. замечательные фото) почаще радуй своими постами)

    1. Очень радостно, что их кто-то ждет, спасибо!