June 6, 2015

Wishlist #2

It's been a month since my first wishlist, so I decided it's time for another one:) These are the things I need and want and I picked them from Dresslink:)
1. Oversized striped t-shirt. Although I have so many striped clothes in my wardrobe I feel like I need  another one!:) I really like the way it looks on girls (you can see that on the site too). It can be worn with all types of jeans, skirts, overalls! Practically with everything in the world. Love it!
2. Shopper bag.  I always carry with me lots of stuff and I desperately need such a bag! It would be so convenient to carry there all the papers for my students and a camera to take outfit pictures. And it's very stylish, too.
3. Denim skirt. You know how much I love denim! And this skirt seems so perfect. Without any unnecessary details, just pure beauty:) 
4. Gladiator sandals. You must have noticed already that such sandals are really trendy this season. I want to try them too:) Probably their biggest advantage is that they are very comfortable to wear:) Perfect for long summer walks:) 

That's all for now:) Feel free to tell me about your cravings for the moment!)

And, of course, thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3

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