April 8, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Beret

1. It's fresh. Of course, I can sing "I will always love you" song to fedora hats and for sure I will not stop wearing them, but I think we all see that nowadays more and more people wear them. And standing out from the crowd became more difficult. That's why I vote for berets!:) 
2. It reminds us of France:) Yes, for the most part these are all stereotypes, but let's be honest - we all start humming "Noooon! Jeee nee regreeette rieeen!" while looking at people in berets:) (..or is it just me?)
3. It looks cute. Do you agree?) When I'm wearing a beret I feel like a real girl! Wait, what? I am a.. Well, you know what I mean:D 
4. It can change your look completely. If you think that something is missing from your outfit, try putting on a beret. It may work like a statement piece:)
5. Cause we all remember our favorite Carrie Bradshaw wearing a beret and saying "Bonjour. Voilà le French hat! Voilà le French fry!". And if you don't remember this episode I really think you should rewatch Sex and the City:) And if you have no idea what I'm talking about.. Are you insane? Run and watch the first episode!:D And you'll get to this one eventually:)
6. It's warm. Your mom will be happy:)

So, what is your verdict? Will you say "yes" to berets?:) 

coat - second hand
sweater - second hand
beret - second hand
bag - second hand
skirt - bershka
shoes - shellys london

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia<3


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