September 4, 2014

Blue shirt, denim skirt

Weather in Kyiv is very unpredictable nowadays. Today it may be very warm and on the next day you already want to put on you as much clothes as you can. So you always have to be prepared for any kind of weather conditions:)
This outfit is quite summerish, so to say. Which is very logical, considering it's autumn already:D But what can I do, that's just me.

Thanks for the photos to my beautiful friend Ira<3

shirt - second hand
striped t-shirt - stradivarius
denim skirt - new look
bag - new look
shoes - george

Thanks for reading!
Love, Nastia


  1. отличный аутфит)

  2. Sam here, one day it's Fall the next it's Winter,and the next it's hot and sunny Summer...blah...
    You're sooo beautiful, love the layering here ^^

    1. Thanks a lot!<3
      My favorite kind of weather is when you can wear coats, hats and boots^_^